Cours de Surf à Seignosse dans les Landes - Apprenez le Surf à Hossegor

Off season surf lessons with Natural Surf School

Off season surf lessons with Natural Surf School

Try off season surfing unique atmosphere in France and have a chance to surf uncrowded beach breaks of Seignosse and Hossegor.  Off season surf lessons and surf training courses are life-size surfing !  Join us for spring surfing or automn surf sessions...

Off season surfing in France : peaceful and chilled out

Off season surfing is for those who can avoid school holidays periods : individuals, single, couples with no kids...  One can't deny the bonus of surfing apart from July and August summer months.  Even in a human concerned surf school, you can feel the pressure of the crowd at the line up, one the beach, time is short, the beach supervision and summer regulatory requirements imply some stress and confines... So if possible, try to come before and after the summer season when the beach is more quite and the atmosphere less frenetic...

Off seasn surfing is peaceful in Hossegor
Natural Surf School surf shack from May til September
Uncrowded  and quality surf breaks in Hossegor and Seignosse

Spring and automn surfing

Sidewise surfing, all is possible : short or long period swells, on or off shore winds, rain or sun...  We can only say that springtime sees longer days but water is cooler and automn have shorter and cooler evenings but warmer water.  No matter, surf will be on every day and you will understand that a surfing holiday in Seignosse and the oceanic energy don't limit their benefits to the only summer months !

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