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Choose and rent your surfboard with Natural Surf School

Choose and rent your surfboard with Natural Surf School

Here are few advises to limit mistakes when choosing a surf board : first be aware of your surf level, then have a look at your stature before focusing on the surf spot and waves conditions of the day.  Last but not least, ask yourself what you expect for your surf session and in which mood you are in before throwing yourself in the surf...

What is my surf level ?

If you are beginner and can't master your surf board in any surf situation or if the line up is over crowded, then get a soft board ! Further on you will try BIC or epoxy boards or hand made surf boards, but that will be at your own risk because it's hard, it breaks and it can hurt...Choose the right board will bring fun and success in your surf progression.

Whale or shrimp ? Be objective and choose the right board for you to improve you surfing skills

A world full of different people !  Choose a surf board that fits your size and weight.  We truly believe that everyone can have an aquatic experience in the surf, thanks to adapted surf equipment and teaching methods, but not everybody becomes a surfer...
From a general point of view the size of the board is proportional to the size of the surfer and related to his/her surf level : the bigger, heavier and more novice surfer you are the longer, wider and thicker board you need.  On the opposite side, if you have no back pain and are skiny, tonic and excellent surfer you can ride a "crêpe".

Choose the right surf spot : observe the environment and wave conditions of the day

South West France and particularly Seignosse and Hossegor beach breaks are world-famous for their endless beaches, easy access to soft and smooth beach breaks or challenging surf with incredible and powerful barrels (La Gravière, Les Estagnots, la piste...).  In France and everywhere around the world, each wave is unique and depends on many variables like tide, wind strengh and direction, swell power and direction and last but not least the nature of the ocean bottom.  These various conditions are part of surf magic and tricky things to accept to enjoy surfing.  Surfer needs to adapt to the marine environment and choose the surfboard accordingly.

Right board for the right spot with Natural Surf School
Hossegor and Seignosse beach breaks to surf
Choose your board to hire among over 100 surf boards

Generally speaking :
-       small + beginner surf level = long and large board
-       small waves + expert surf level = short board
-       big waves = good surf level and guts + long board (gun) or good surf level + short board + jetski
Internet and webcams provide real-time observation of the surf spot : a good or a bad thing ?

Surf dream and reality : surf spirit and surfers' philosophy...

Surfing makes everybody dream , but not everyboday can become a surfer as it implies a total and intense mental and physical implication and daily practice to ride a wave… The surf is a natural and powerfull element that we can’t control. We are just a little piece of dust in one expression of Nature’s perfection. The idea to enter and get stuck as long as possible in the green room (tube riding). Surfing is incredible and the magic is also that you can live the surf dream the way you like it…

Get the right balance like in life, compromise...
Once you’ve answered the above questions, you will find the right combination of the general outline, lenght, width, thickness, number of fins, tail of the board etc… so your board will be either more manoeuvrable, quicker and radical or more stable and comfortable to ride.
Our surf team will be happy to help you choose between beginner and hybrid boards, shortboards, longboards or Stand Up Paddle boards.  Don't hesitate to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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